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National Cocoa Shell

Blommer Cocoa Shell Mulch National Cocoa Shell is the largest distributor of cocoa shell in the United States. Made from the shell of cocoa beans during the roasting process, cocoa shell is then recycled into an outstanding mulch.

Although it has been used for many years with traditional rose growers, aromatic cocoa shell can be used anywhere in your landscaping, garden, or flower beds.

National Cocoa Shell can deliver this premium environmentally friendly cocoa shell to you for your club or retail outlets. Please contact us to find out more about National Cocoa Shell and the great benefits of cocoa shell mulch.

Cocoa Shell News

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Ohio State University Fire Resistant Mulch Report

"One of the most ignition resistant of the organic mulches was cocoa shells. Cocoa shells were statistically more fire resistant... than decorative ground rubber, pine needles, oat straw, shredded hardwood bark, and shredded cypress bark..." Read the full report.

Blommer Cocoa Shell on HGTV's Curb Appeal

Tune in to cable's HGTV to see Blommer brand cocoa shell mulch being used on "Curb Appeal", a program that highlights some simple methods on how to dress up the outside of your house. This episode (crb-1208) will air

  • Wednesday August 18th at 9p.m.
  • Thursday August 19th at 1a.m.
  • Thursday August 19th at 6p.m.
  • Saturday August 21st at 11:30p.m.

Rebecca's Garden Quick Tip: Cocoa Bean Mulch

"There are a lot of mulches available. I like cocoa bean mulch; not only does it smell good, but you'll be surprised how sweet this is for the garden..." (more)

Mouth-watering Mulch

By Leanne Libby Caller-Times September 13, 2003 - Ah, the aroma of a well-kept garden. Smell the roses, the fresh herbs, the chocolate?...(more)